Fine Art Sculptures + MORE by Appointment Only Sale

We are excited to present two incredible sculptures by renowned local artists this week.  

The first one is an original John Martini which stands 8.5' tall and measures 12" across at the base.  It is signed on the base as is shown in the pictures.  His size makes him perfect for any space in your home, office or landscape and of course, he is a John Martini piece......need we say more?  What a perfect opportunity to own your own John Martini sculpture!!!!

The second sculpture is not signed.  We are sure that we know who the artist is but cannot verify for sure.  This piece stands almost 7' tall and measures almost 8' across.  He can be adjusted to become taller and thinner or shorter and wider.  What an awesome statement for any Contemporary, Ultra Modern or Midcentury Modern space.

We also have just added the following:

-ORIGINAL spectacular wall art by listed artist Michael Haykin.
-A STUNNING Persian Rug - 10'5" x 14'2" - in excellent condition.
-A coffee table that's a piece of art - "Waterfall" glass table by Cortesi Glass.

Please give Susie a call at (305)587-4616 or text at (708)557-9180 for more information on these pieces or to set up an appointment.